Choose Your Genre Box

Choose Your Genre Box


Sometimes you just KNOW what you want and you shouldn't be afraid to ask!

Take home your dream book today!


Disclaimer: We try our hardest to provide a book that we would ACTUALLY want to read. Treat may include common allergens.

  • About Our Mystery Boxes

    In each box, you will find a book in like-new condition to read and enjoy on a night off :) All books are hand-curated by us and we try our best to provide a great book!

    You will also find a bookmark to save your spot. These will always be different, but will always be awesome!

    Lastly, you will find a tasty treat! This will, also, change for each box and will include things like granola bars, cereal bars, hot chocolate, candy bars, or hard candies. These may contain common allergens and is up to you to enjoy!


    We are currently growing faster than ever! As we expand and streamline our process we expect shipping delays as everything is hand packaged with care and shipped to order. Thank you for your continued support.