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Jess (Co-Owner)


Hey Cuties! My name is Jess and I do all the Social Media and Procurement (Shopping, YAY!) at ONSWAB. I studied Criminology in college so I, naturally, gravitated towards True Crime novels and am obsessed with following ongoing cases!




My name is Cole and I am an avid reader of nonfiction, however I’ve found myself delving further into fiction within the last year - from suspense and mystery, to contemporary fiction to dabbling in romance. I am a huge support of LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC diversity reads and pride myself in the fact I am ever expanding my knowledge and self-education to include all cultures and backgrounds. I am currently a psychology student pursuing a degree in child and adolescence where I also find myself reading textbooks sprinkled throughout my pleasure reading. :)




Hello friends! My name is Bailie and I am a personal book blogger, bookstagrammer and true crime lover. I hope to find friendships with other bookish people and continue to grow my book blog. I can’t wait to share my love of books with you!


Tyler (Co-Owner)


Hello! My name is Tyler and I do all the Web Design, Graphic Design, and all the backend work for ONSWAB! I came from a very large tech background and am currently pursuing my bachelors in Software Design.




Hi friends!! My name is Amy and if you don’t have a favorite Asian, look no further! 😉 I am pretty much a certified book hoarder for all things thriller, horror, and a touch of romance! If your looking for an authentic account with honest reviews, I’ve gotchuu! I’m a HUGE supporter of small businesses and strive to always keep things 100%!! I have over 1,000 books in my TBR pile in my basement and have got no shame! Pretty sure I’m going to come back as a ghost just to finish this never-ending stack!

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